UPDATED w/papers! -- CogSci2019: The lab will be presenting 3 papers in Montreal!

May 10 2019
Keywords: CogSci MathPsych Conferences

(original post on April 20 2019)

The 41st Annual meeting of the Cognitive Science Society will be held in Montreal, Canada from July 24th to July 27th, 2019.

The Austerweil Lab has successfully had all three full-paper submissions accepted this year. Congratulations to Michael, Mohsen, Xian, and Joe! Michael will be addressing subjective randomness in the classic game of rock, paper, scissors. Mohsen will be presenting his latest work on a Hawkes process-based framework applied to public GitHub repositories, and Xian will be talking about how novel categories are not the same as not-categorioes. Everyone is looking forward to sharing their research as well as participating in the especially exciting array of talks for this conference.

Accepted papers are now available over here!

The Austerweil Lab thanks its previous and current funders.