Welcome, new members of the lab!

May 01 2019
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2019 is shaping to be an exciting year for the Austerweil lab, especially with its massive increase both staff and student membership.

Joining us since late 2018 we have the honoured presence of our new Research Scientist Mohsen Afrasiabi, whose technical expertise is likely second to none. Some say his sense of humour is definitely second to none.

We are super excited to have three enthusiastic graduate students recently coming on board: Pablo Andre Caceres, Ian Johnston, and Michael Payton. In addition, we are privileged to have Sam Westby joining us as an undergraduate researcher.

Looking ahead, we would also like to warmly receive Sean Chang who will be re-joining the lab as a full member in the coming weeks!

The Austerweil lab formally welcomes all new members to the lab – we look forward to an exciting season of research! Have a look at our updated list of people for more details.

The Austerweil Lab thanks its previous and current funders.