Great talks by Jacqueline Erens and Kendra Lange during the 2018 Undergraduate Symposium!

April 13 2018
Keywords: students members presentations

In yet another demonstration that undergraduate research is not to be trifled with, lab members Jacqueline Erens and Kendra Lange presented their impressive work at the University of Wisconsin - Madison’s 20th Annual Undergraduate Symposium held earlier today.

In a morning session, Kendra discussed her research showing evidence for a null effect of bilingual advantage on creativity. alt text

Later in the afternoon, Jacqueline described how generalization with emojis is driven most strongly by the relations between the emojis. alt text

Both presentations were well received by an enthusiastic audience. Congratulations to Kendra, Jacqueline, and all other speakers for their excellent talks!

The Austerweil Lab thanks its previous and current funders.