Welcome new postgraduate lab members Shi Xian Liew and Nicole Beckage

January 31 2018
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Shi Xian Liew and Nicole Beckage joined the lab in January 2018.

Shi Xian Liew recently received his PhD in Psychology from University of Melbourne, where he worked with Dr. Daniel Little. His expertise is in computational models of categorization and decision-making. To start, he is working on how people generate new categories.

Nicole Beckage has a PhD in Computer Science from University of Colorado, Boulder. She is collaborating with Prof. Austerweil on applying multiplex networks and other network-based techniques to cognition. She is also joining the DARPA I2O team on computational social simulation, building agent-based models of massive networks of interacting agents (to understand human social interactions and communication).

The Austerweil Lab is very excited to welcome them both to Madison!

The Austerweil Lab thanks its previous and current funders.